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  1. On May 29 this year, my four month old BMW M850 was T-boned on the driver’s side in the train station parking lot while I was driving to the exit. It severely damaged the door, the rear quarter panel, the rocker panel and the bumper guard. The first “ding” the car suffered. I was referred to North State by my insurance agent. They came and got the car and worked with the other driver’s insurance adjuster (which was complicated because this was literally one of if not the first M850 to have a collsion. Frank and his team kept me up to date on parts orders and the progress of the work, including sending photos along the way. When they were done, they brought the car back. It was in like-new condition. Truly perfect, like the day I picked it up at the dealer. In fact it was so good that when I went to the car wash and they went to scan their sticker on the door and couldn’t find it, it took me a minute to realize that the sticker was missing because it was a brand new door with brand new manufacturer stickers.

    A week ago, I noticed some wind noise behind my head when I was highway driving. When I checked the window, it was not closing flush to the door jamb and back window. I called North State and THE NEXT DAY they came and got the car, fixed it, detailed and polished the car and had it back in my driveway the day after they collected it. NO CHARGE. A lot of companies say they guarantee their work. North State Custom stood behind its guarantee like no other firm I have ever worked with. I highly recommend them.

  2. It was an absolute pleasure dealing with Avi and everyone at North State Custom. My car was not even a year old when someone backed into my passenger door. When I brought the car in they prepared me that I would need a brand new door and that it would take several weeks to get it from Tesla. They called the local Hertz for me for a rental. Avi kept me apprised of progress via emails with photos. The work they did was amazing, totally worth the wait and the hour-long drive from my home! I hope I never need bodywork again but if I do I will definitely use North State Custom!

  3. What an amazing place! Everyone is so friendly, knowledgeable and helpful in every way possible. They made an unpleasant experience that I had to deal with, into an experience I will never forget. The workmanship is bar none, the best I’ve ever seen. My car looks better than brand new!!!! If I ever need these guys in the future, I will be sure to use them again. I highly recommend northstate custom!!!!

  4. I’ve spoken to many body shops about work I needed done on my car and they all had the same rude demeanor and attitude. When I visited Greg he was the exact opposite. He took a lot of time out of his busy day to inspect my car and educate me on things I never knew. I wish all body shops could operate like this. He now has a customer for life and I wish his shop all the success!

  5. The team at north state auto was amazing during my car repairs. Neal made everything smooth and easy bringing the car in and making sure I got everything I needed. Avi always kept me updated as the work progressed with emails and pictures, and made me feel like I had made the right choice coming here. The work done was impeccable and couldn’t of asked for a better experience. The car looks brand new again and is working as good as the day I originally picked up the car.

  6. Neal and the team at North State Custom could not have been kinder. I have a brand new Tesla, and we backed over a rock. We required some creative repair. They were quick, did an excellent job, and really couldn’t have been nicer.

    I’ll never take my cars anywhere else for body work!

  7. I’ve never had an experience like getting my Tesla fixed at North State Customs. I was given proactive update emails by the amazing Avi, ensuring me that my car was moving as quickly as possible, even with parts delays from Tesla themselves. They were courteous as hell, knew their stuff extremely well when I dropped off the car, and saved us from the possum that almost wrecked our big summer trip! I can’t recommend North State Customs enough.

  8. Avi and the crew were excellent at guiding me through the process and did an AMAZING job repairing my car. They gave me updates all along the way. Great job, great company. I strongly recommend them.

  9. Thanks to North State Custom for repairing my Tesla Model 3. It came out looking perfect!

    I especially appreciated the efforts of Neil and Avi who took the time to explain everything to me and kept me updated on the progress of the repair. It was a difficult decision for me to transport my car far from home for the repair but I definitely made the right choice. They were even gracious enough to transport the car back to my home in upstate NY so I didn’t have to pick the car up myself. With their expertise and great customer service I would not take my Tesla anywhere else!

  10. Dear Avi and Stacey as well as everyone at North State Custom involved in my experience:

    I wish to thank you for your wonderful service, customer courtesy and professional approach. Needless to say, having some one fetch me at the train; having someone sending me updated photos of the repairs; having someone handle the insurance company made this experience– dare I say?– really pleasant. Taking one’s car to a body shop is not usually high on my list of fun activities, but you all took the edge completely off! THANK YOU all.

    I am not sure who did what (pick me up at the train, actually repair the car, take photos, deal with the insurance company, etc, but I wish to thank the TEAM. THANK YOU.

    When I got home and told my wife, “Guess what? I actually enjoyed going to the body shop” she snarfed coffee through her nose!

    Thank you.


  11. Customer service was excellent at North State Custom. I loved how the staff provided updates throughout the repair process. It may the everything run smoothly for me. My Tesla Model X looked incredible when I picked it up. I was super satisfied with their topnotch job.

  12. When I pulled out of my garage without realizing the falcon door on my 3 month old Model X was open….NOOOOOO! OUCH!!!! It wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t drivable. It was awful! I immediately called my insurance company and they recommended North State Custom. What a pleasure. They reassured me that they can handle a job like this and that’s exactly what they did. The work was exceptionally done and in a timely manner. The service was outstanding with updates along the way. It was a positive experience all around. My car looked brand new when I picked it up and they even detailed it inside and out.
    Thank you!

  13. Extremely professional service in every respect. The guys make you feel like your are the most important client they have. They took care of all the insurance red tape and did a great job.

    Highest recommendation possible.

  14. It was a sad day when a UHaul truck took out the front driver side quarter panel of my 5 month old Model 3 Tesla. Rim and tire; trashed. Headlight assembly; gone, etc. What are all those wires hanging out? Car ended up at North State Custom the next day. The next 3 weeks could only be described as a pleasant an exprerience as possible under the circumstances. Avi and his team took care of all the details (including insurance company hassles) and their communication throughout the process was superlative; pictures included. The car was even trailered back to my home in Rhinebeck, NY. When I saw the car for the first time since the repairs were completed it looked as if it had just rolled off the lot. North State Custom is very reliable, quality shop and would highly recommend them.

  15. I cannot recommend north state custom highly enough. The front end of my Infiniti SUV was badly damaged in a recent accident, and I am so thankful I brought the car to North State. From helping me to understand the process with the insurance company, to updating me throughout the repair, Greg and his entire team were the utmost prefessionals. When all is said and done, my car came back nicer than it went in! And most importantly, I feel confident that I will be able to drive my children in it safely for years to come. My car was by no means the nicest car at the shop, but the team went out of their way to make sure I had the best experience possible.

  16. From the moment we took the Model 3 in for an estimate until we picked it after the repairs, we were treated with the utmost courtesy and professionalism by all the staff and technicians. We were kept informed at all times of the status of parts orders and then pictures on the progress of the repairs. Most importantly, the final product was excellent with the car looking new again.

    Thanks to all of you at North State Custom.

  17. I would give Avi & his team 10 stars (if there was such a thing)!

    They handled the Tesla M3 repair with the highest degree of professionalism and kept me updated on the part orders. I got regular emails and progress reports and pictures, so one always knew how things were progressing.

    I would recommend North State Custom anytime.

  18. Losing the use of my Tesla because of an accident was a terrible experience. I had no idea when I was referred to North State Custom by Tesla Motors for repair, exactly the degree of professionalism and support I would receive. Everything possible to return my car to me quickly was done to the highest of standards. Daily updates with photos allowed me to stay apprised. Meticulous ordering, invoicing and paperwork was reported to me as updated. All-in; my repair experience was far beyond my expectations.
    Thank you Avi and all your great technicians at North State Custom!

  19. The team at North State get’s 5 stars, without any doubt. They took excellent care of me and my Tesla Model S after someone backed into it and wrecked the rear passenger side door and wheel well area. If you need any body work on your Tesla, do not hesitate to bring it to them. Here is what to expect:

    1. Professional and friendly service! Off the charts really.

    2. Experts on the job. These guys really know what they are doing.

    3. Attention to detail. The work is near flawless, down to the last edge and corner.

    4. Efficient and fast – They really want to get your car back to you as soon as possible and they managed to turn things around surprisingly fast even when Tesla parts are backlogging.

    5. Proactive service. They actually reach out to you to keep you updated on the status … even send you pics of your car in progress!

    6. State of the art shop. They were nice enough to show me around in the back. Everything is clean and neat and all Tesla patients looking like they are in very good hands! Even up front, they know what email is and SMS and they use it, keeping communication quick and easy.

    If everything I’ve written here doesn’t convince you, just go down there and see for yourself. I guarantee you’ll be adding a post full of praise here in no time.

    Thanks again guys!!

  20. The guys at North State did a great job. Despite the problems caused by my car company, Tesla, North State overcame the issues created by Tesla and gave me car back as soon as possible and looking like brand new.

  21. They did an awesome job. Tesla parts on the other hand are a disaster. The shop did a good job keeping me in the loop through the long process. They took care of me for having to wait the 3 months to get my car back although it was no fault of theirs that Tesla parts are the absolute worst. I would recommend this shop to anyone. 5 stars!

  22. Having to get your car fixed after being hit can be so complicated, dealing with insurance companies, rental car etc…. North State made this process run so smoothly. No matter if you drive a BMW or Subura they treat you with excellent care. My car looks brand new! We could not be happier! Thank you to the North Stare crew for all your hard work.

  23. Had a great experience getting our Model X repaired at North State. After much anxiety following our accident the staff there put us at ease and gave us immediate confidence they would be able to handle the repair and keep us informed. From the time we dropped off to the great updates and pictures, the process was better than expected and easy. We felt reassured and confident they were on top of things even to not even from them even handling the drop off of our rental, going beyond just the repair iteself. Can’t recommend these guys enough!

  24. My Model S was damaged pretty badly in an accident but thanks to Avi and his team was restored to its original condition. Avi kept me up to date throughout the duration of repairs informing me of the progress every few days, and taking care of my concerns whenever I had any. I had only positive experiences with North State Custom and would highly recommend it to anyone who needs body work.

  25. My sincerest THANKS to Frank, Avi and the rest of my North State Custom family. You guys are quite literally family because I have been your customer since 1986. Through 14 BMW’s from 1986 to 2017, it was always comforting to know that you would be there for me, and you always were. Although I was lucky enough not to need repairs on all 14 of them, you always went above and beyond on the seven or eight which I did have to have repaired. As the result of your excellent work, I could never tell that my cars had been damaged in the first place.
    And last week, you did a fabulous job (as usual) repairing my new Tesla Model S. All that I can say is AWESOME! I am so grateful for your professionalism, kindness and attention to detail. Only for selfish reasons would I want to keep you guys a secret. If everyone in the country is coming to North State, how am supposed to be able to get my next appointment to repair my vehicle? LOL.

  26. Had my model 3 repaired after getting debris stuck underneath it. Very professional. Avi kept me informed throughout the repair process. Would recommend.

  27. North State could not be a better repair shop. My Tesla Model X was in a bad accident and I was debating between totaling my car and repairing it. The only reason I decided to have them fix it based on their promise to restore it to pre-accident condition. They walked me through everything they were going to do and made sure they repaired it as if it were their own car. They updated me with pictures and emails throughout the entire process and my car came back better than ever. I would never choose another repair shop – they are truly the best. Everyone has been a pleasure to work with, easy, professional and friendly. I couldn’t be happier.

  28. I had the convenience of having my vehicle picked up and dropped off. I received regular updates via text and email at every relevant step of the repair process. Not to mention the impeccable craftsmanship in the repair of vehicle.

  29. This is the shop you would bring your Tesla. Model 3 got rear ended first day and the paint job is superb. Made the vehicle like new again and can’t even tell the bumper was replaced. The sensors were also flushed with the bumper, this wasn’t the case when I first got the car! Felt like delivery day when I picked it up (minus the paperwork). Best of all they included some touch-up paint for the car after the repair!

    Everyone at North State Customs were professional and responsive throughout the process.

    • My brand new Model 3 was hit yesterday. I’m still in shock. Damage is Rear quarter panel and rear bumper just the corner. It seems like you were happy with this body shop? I am so nervous choosing because I want it to look the same as when I drove it out of the delivery center, obviously. Just want to choose the right shop.

  30. Victor LLaja.
    North State Custom, is the way to go 100%!!!
    Their communication throughout the repair of our 2017BLKQ7 was done with experienced professionalism. The Quality of the work performed its outstanding . We are very impressed. In The Office Frank-Marisa and The entire shops Staff intergrity says it all. Our personal experience was great . We dropped our vehicle of the day We were Leaving to Europe/Spain and they had it fixed,cleaned,detailed, and ready to get picked up the same day We were getting Back from our trip. Wow, what an incredible job with timing. We are very happy we have chosen the right place to bring our business to. Thank you North State Customs. 10/06/18.
    A.V. L. Construction,Inc.

  31. Avi and his team provided me with outstanding service. I really appreciated their constant communications throughout the process covering every detail and keeping me informed of the repair progress. The car was returned in practically new condition. I’m very satisfied with there service.

  32. Thank you for the beautiful job you did with my Tesla after it was hit by a deer. The car looks great, and I am most grateful for your careful communication of each step and for your care to see that I was not inconvenienced in any way by you. The final result is that I could not be happier with your service and craftsmanship.

  33. This is my first experience working with North State but more specifically Avi and his team. I can’t say enough nice things about them…but I’ll try.

    From the moment I meet Avi I felt like I have known him for years. He is totally honest friendly,and incredibly knowledgeable. A rarity in this line of work.
    They did all the work with the insurance company
    Their work is also impecable. I have brought him my Tesla and Porsche. They treat all cars like its the bosses car. They came back better than new…which seems to be their objective
    I would never bring my car to anyone else…ever.

  34. Avi and the staff of North State were amazing in fixing my Tesla. He communicated with me several times a week, with pictures, updates and information. It was great.

  35. JR and the staff at North State Custom went above and beyond to walk me thought the process of getting my car repaired after a unlicensed driver backed into me. The repair was done in a timely fashion and I will recommend them to all that need the best body shop in the area.

  36. A not-to-bright deer hoped onto the front of my car this spring & caused a great deal of damage and my car dealer suggested that North State Custom repair the car. My experience with North State Custom was extraordinary. I wish that all encounters with other companies were at this very high level & I actually will incorporate the excellent business practices at North State into my own business. Avi & his team communicated with me frequently throughout the process and answered all of my questions. This shop was dedicated to restoring my car perfectly & they were great. Thanks for making it a painless experience.

  37. Avi and the team did a great job getting our Tesla back in shape after a small accident where a driver ran into us. his team was diligent and followed up well. Very happy with the car when it was finished.

  38. This is the best body shop in Westchester by far. Avi was great! He kept me updated and my Tesla was repaired to perfection. No complaint!

  39. IF YOU CRASH YOUR TESLA – THIS IS THE PLACE TO GO! I was involved in a pileup on the highway. My Tesla Model S had sustained significant front end damage and the first shop that had the car said they couldn’t fix it; that I should total it. I was devastated. I sent Greg at NorthState Custom pictures and he said “We do this kind of repair all the time. You will get your car back better than new!”. Well I shipped the car almost 200 miles to see what they could do. Avi, my Tesla Concierge sent status reports and pictures almost every day. Just 5 weeks later they delivered my car back to my driveway. And – just as Greg promised – it was incredible. IT WAS BETTER THAN NEW! The attention to detail was amazing and I have never had a customer experience like this . No wonder they have so many satisfied customers. Heres a BIG thank you to Greg, Avi and the team that worked on my car. You guys are awesome. YOU GET MY HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION.

  40. I visited North State at the recommendation of a friend with my Dodge Challenger Demon. J R & his crew took amazing care of my needs and installed parts carefully and diligently. I’ve been to countless shops and no one showed the professionalism and quality like North State. The shop is kept in amazing condition and vehicles are taken care of properly regardless of it’s type.

    North State is my TO GO TO shop.

  41. I brought in my Tesla Model S for repair to NorthState Custom in early March 2018.
    I initially met Frank and he was very detailed and upfront as to expectations on what repair work was needed for my car. He was very gracious and provided me a tour of his shop, especially the shop area on where they repair Tesla’s. I appreciated that. Frank was awesome! After my car went into the shop for repair, Avi kept me updated on the repair status. I liked the fact that Avi provided the updates, as it was great there was constant dialogue between me and Avi. Avi also was awesome! The repair work on the car came out great, I was happy and the work got done ahead of schedule. NorthState Custom went above and beyond to address my questions and requests. I saw that first hand as I interacted with Frank and Avi. I would recommend NorthState Custom.
    – Amandeep

  42. Had a great experience at North State Custom when my Model X got rear-ended. Wasn’t sure how to navigate the land mines set by the insurance companies and Greg talked me through it step by step with great advice. Avi provided me with daily updates and even sent progress pictures of the work being done. To top if off, they even fixed an unrelated scratch on the front bumper! Between the wonderful workmanship and the outstanding customer service, the highly professional team at North State are first class. Look no further!

  43. Can’t give enough Kudos to North State Custom! Was incredibly happy the first time I used them a couple of years ago on my first Tesla. Amazing, but they totally outdid themselves on this repair of my wife’s S85. Working with Neil and Avi, they couldn’t have made the experience any easier. Having recent surgery, I wasn’t able to drive the car in from New Canaan. Avi was more than happy to pick it up and absolutely punctual. The communication about parts, insurance appraisals was always timely and they finished the car 2 days earlier than promised. The customer service and the workmanship is of the highest quality. They fix other small damage gratis. Couldn’t be happier. Every business should care this much about their customers. Thanks North State!

  44. It was a great experience to have our Tesla Model X repaired and serviced at your facility. You have well experienced professionals who did a splendid job of repairing our vehicle back to factory specs and condition despite a fairly significant amount of damage. The paint and the fit is factory level. Your staff is pleasant and I must say is also very helpful – To everyone there, thank you!

  45. We have a Tesla that was side-swiped and sustained damage down the entire passenger side. We were referred to North State for the repair and couldn’t be more pleased. They were incredibly easy to work with, kept us VERY up to date on the repairs and even asked to throw in some additional services at their expense because they wanted to car to look perfect when we brought it home. We worked with Avi and it was truly a delight.

  46. I cannot put into words the care and dedication of Greg and his staff. I am from the southern most point Florida and drove to his shop to repair my car. The attention to your needs and detail are amongst the best I personally have ever seen. They all took time to help me and make sure everything was fine while waiting for my car to be completed. I want to thank the production specialist for taking me to lunch and providing time quotes until completion. I will say the detail job was one of the best in the industry I have ever encountered. Thank you all for the the greatest of service and attention to detail that you all deserve. I trust these guys more than any place in Florida! I wish all of you the best and thank you for my Tesla back so quickly!

  47. I’ve had work done at North State Custom a few times over the last two years and they’ve done an excellent job each time.

    I’ve brought in both a Tesla and a Buick and the process was always very professional: the work was done on time, Frank and Avi communicated with me frequently about the progress, they managed the insurance paperwork, and the cars each looked perfect when the work was finished. Their approach is very customer focused; they go out of their way to provide detailed updates so that the customer has a thorough record of what has been done and there are no surprises.

    They are a pleasure to work with and I’d highly recommend them for any kind of car, but particularly for a car like a Tesla that requires special expertise.

  48. After our front end collision, we were nervous about getting our Model S back to perfect condition. Luckily Avi, Dom, and the rest of the North State team were on the job. Avi was super communicative throughout the repairs (especially as they dealt with some parts issues from the manufacturer) and provided photos as she came back together. Needless to say, their work is excellent all around. We’re thrilled to have our Model S in better condition than ever.

  49. Neil , Avi , and all the Techs at North State Customs took great care of My Tesla Model S, i was hit from behind by an distracted driver and even though the damage did not look serious , the car needed to be fixed correctly. North State did just that. They are meticulous and caring about your car. Neil dealt with the insurance adjuster and took care of all the financial matters arguing with insurance adjusters is not always pleasant. Avi always kept me informed of the status of my car and sent daily pics of my car in various states of repair. they are fantastic. My Tesla looks as good as new and i could not be happier! Thanks again!!

  50. Avi, Greg, Neil, and all the employees at North State Custom are top notch. My 6 month old Tesla Model X was hit by a teenager in a parking lot and I knew there were only few body shops that are Tesla certified to complete the work. Avi and the team made the process as seamless as possible from working with Geico, arranging my Enterprise rental car, coordinating with Tesla to obtain parts, and providing daily progress reports with pictures. They were able to return my vehicle to me ahead of schedule. Although I needed to return a few days after pickup for an adjustment to my over-engineered falcon wing door, North State quickly addressed the issue while I waited. They clearly take pride in their work and their body shop as they showed me the level of detail that went into the repairs and gave me a tour of their impeccable shop. I highly recommend them!

  51. My almost new Tesla S got into an accident that was not very exciting ,speed at the time may be 2 or 3 miles /hr. The car I hit was an SUV with a high bumber that did not like my hood and crumbled it. Tesla advised NORTH STATE CUSTOM to do the repair. Without having met AVI during the repair process I felt that my dear Tesla S was in excellent hands. A totally dedicated person that kept me informed during the repair process. It took a while to have the Tesla back but I cannot blame Avi. I have driven the car for a couple of weeks and I honestly feel she is like new.
    Thanks Avi you can take the credit and I congratulate North State Custom to have such a dedicated worker in their company.

  52. North State – true professionals! A gate came down on the roof of my new Tesla! North State walked me through the process explaining every step of the process including recalibrating all sensors (windshields, side sensors, etc.) for the autonomous driving which is time consuming and apparently very complicated, and most importantly, called me giving me updates as to when they expected the work to be completed. Whether it’s my daughter’s Honda or my Tesla, North State has my business for good, and I live 45 minutes away with many shops much closer. Kudos!

  53. North State exceeded my expectations. They kept me completely up-to-date with frequent photos and honest and true explanations of progress and challenges. The car was delivered in pristine condition, as good or better than new – and I’ve seen it scattered in pieces all over the lot! Very professional. Very organized. A good outfit to do business with.

  54. I did some major damage to my Tesla by running over a pothole at a decent pace – bent a lot of structural pieces. North State put everything back in perfect order. They kept me abreast of all that was going on – checking for alignment with the Tesla jig, sending me pictures of the damage that was uncovered as well as the progress of repairs. A lot of new parts were required, some difficult to obtain. I saw my car completely apart – battery here, rear end there, car mounted on the alignment jig – but it was delivered back to me as good as new – perhaps a lot better – shiny, clean and in perfect working order. They are truly a class act.

  55. Terrific repair job! Done well and on time, with constant communication as to the status of repairs. The pick up and drop off options really are terrific benefits and the courteous, professional staff meant that a stressful situation became much less so. I’d definitely recommend your establishment!

  56. Neil, Avi, Marisa, and the rest of the team at North State Custom are the BEST! They restored my baby (2013 Tesla Model S) to perfect condition in a tricky multi-faceted repair that went beyond body work. They worked closely with the local tesla service center and I couldn’t be happier with the work. I wouldn’t go anywhere else in the future for my car.

  57. My Tesla was hit from behind and suffered great damage to the body and frame. North State handled the situation with my insurance company and then proceeded to make the repair. They kept me abreast of the process every few days. A great deal of professionalism was shown throughout the process. Of course the repair job was first rate. Very impressed!

  58. I have had 2 minor repairs to my Tesla by North State Customs and I could not be more pleased with their expertise and efficiency in completing the work. Their custom service was excellent and they completed the work as they promised. Since my husband was out of town and it was difficult to get a ride to pick up my car, they offered to deliver it. You can’t get much better than that. I will continue to go to them when any auto repairs are necessary.

  59. North State has done amazing work on my vehicles throughout the past few years between accidents and custom work. Top notch on both the customer service and service provided. They are my #1 go to shop for all my vehicles when it comes to repair and customization.

  60. North State Custom is a first class organization. They are professional every step of the way. Avi and Frank went the extra mile at every turn. I have gone to them for two major jobs and the car came out looking better than ever both times.

  61. I have yet to find a body shop that more professionally handled a sophisticated repair than North State Custom. They worked expeditiously and kept me apprised throughout the process. They delivered my car on time and on budget. They were a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend them!

  62. Hi,
    My insurance company sent me to an auto body shop of their choice. I had significant damage to my car. They wanted to just fill the dent and repainted it. Thank god that I found Greg and north state custom! My car needed so much more than fillers. Greg took such good care of me. My car looks brand new. I received daily updates, with pictures!!
    Please don’t take your car anywhere else. You will not be disappointed with the personal care that you receive at north state custom!
    Thank you so much Greg!!

  63. I had a dent on my driver door along with scratches down the entire vehicle. The Tesla Service center recommended North State Custom. Their staff was very efficient and pleasant! Thank you North State!

  64. North State Custom did an AMAZING job on my Tesla P85D, and while I’d heard of people having nightmares waiting for parts, North State Custom took my car in on a Friday morning, and promised it back to me the next Friday and they delivered! Throughout the week, they kept me updated with pictures and e-mails/calls. They even had the Tesla service center give the car the once-over before returning it to me to make sure everything was working just right. Thanks so much North State!

  65. North State Custom was amazing! I have never had an auto repair done with such professionalism and extreme care. Importantly, I was given regular updates on the status of my car and the team answered all of my questions thoroughly and quickly. My Tesla underwent extensive work and it returned looking simply beautiful and working great. And even after my car was delivered, North State Custom followed up to make sure everything was working well. Many thanks Avi to you and your team!

  66. My Red Tesla looks brand new and beautiful. Only wish Tesla was not so slow in delivering parts. However, their staff did a great job keeping me apprised of the status of the repairs. Thank you very much North State!!

  67. It was a difficult repair process because of Geico slowness and Tesla-delayed parts, but NS folks did a great job. very pleased.

  68. Greg was very caring and professional. Offered a concise plan of action and it was just as he said it would turn out! Service is excellent! I never had any concerns about the outcome.
    Very often women feel vulnerable in these matters . Not here! Greg could not have done a better job . In fact the entire office staff and working staff are very courteous and very
    polite. I would not go anywhere else.

  69. Great service and nice people. Avi was very helpful and the visit was quick. Couldn’t be happier with the experience.

  70. I took my Tesla Model X to North State Custom after only having it for 2 weeks. Unfortunately got into a pretty bad accident and the entire front end was smashed in. Avi and Greg did a great job giving me my car back in better than new condition. If you are a car guy and want the best for your car, these are the guys you want to bring your vehicle to.

  71. WI was very happy with North State Custom’s work on my Tesla. They picked up the car at the appointed time at my office and kept me and my assistant updated at all times as to what was happening and the timing in terms of returning the car to me. They took it over to the nearby Tesla dealership to have all unrelated warranty issues resolved, then brought it back to their shop and did a final detailing before returning it to me. They were incredibly professional, friendly and willing to answer all of my questions and concerns. I was very happy with their service.
    Thank you Greg and Avi!

  72. Avi

    Outstanding work by you and your team! I could not have bee happier with the finished product. It looks amazing. Also, dealing with you and the rest of your people at North State was a pleasurable experience. You always kept me informed and it was much appreciated to experience such professionalism.

    Have a great weekend and an enjoyable summer,


  73. When I first saw (and heard!) the metal gate come down on my 2 month old Tesla I knew that my “new car” look was over and I wouldn’t have that same grin on my face every time I walked up to it. But after bringing it in to North State, the grin is back, the experience with them was absolutely painless and transparent, and couldn’t have been more professional. They went way beyond any experience I’ve had before with any car dealer and certainly with any auto repair service.

    While I’d like to think I’ll never need their services again, when (oops!) I do I know that my dream car will come back looking like, well, my dream car again. Thanks guys!

  74. I just want to drop you a line to let you know that it was a pleasure dealing with North State.
    As you promised, you took care of everything. The GLS is like new. (it’s a 2017 so it should be like new).
    But, your team took care of everything and delivered.
    And, I must say that Marisa was an absolute pleasure to work with. She was prompt, thorough and friendly (even in the wake of my many questions). Too bad she’s not willing to commute to NYC…. I’d try to hire her!

    And, the car came back cleaned and detailed which was an added benefit. And, I couldn’t get there on delivery date, so your team delivered it to my home, which was much appreciated.

    All in all, I’m sorry that my car got hit by a tow truck. But, given that I had no choice in getting it fixed, North State really made it seamless and effortless for me. You all did a great job.

  75. The people at North Country did a phenomenal job in every aspect. The service, qulality of work, attention to detail and friendliness of their people and superb expertise rescued me from a very difficult and comphrensive repair situation. I am delighted with their work and would highly recommend them to anyone. Outstanding!!!

  76. I could not be happier with the service & professionalism I experienced at North State. My insurance company did not make the process easy but North State handled almost all of the interaction with them until a resolution was reached. My car came back looking brand new. All of my interactions with North State Custom were positive regardless of whom I was dealing with (Avi & Marisa). I commend them on the level of service they provide as well as the quality of the service. Thank you for returning my Tesla in perfect condition.

  77. This was my first time using North State Custom. They did Excellent work, car looks brand new . Fast turn around. I don’t know if I trust anyone else with my car. They kept in contact with us, the whole time. They Sent emails, called us, and even sent photos along with following up a week after the vehicle was picked up! Thank you!

  78. I have had car repairs before, but North State Customs by far surpassed all my expectations. They keep you up to date with everything, they even send you pictures of your vehicles progress. My Jeep was returned to me as if brand new!! I recommend this shop to anyone!! Thank You !!

  79. Thank you North State Custom! The quality of work performed by this shop and the level of professionalism by the staff is like no other. This shop is truly the best in the business. My car looked as if it came right out of the showroom. I would recommend this shop to anyone who cares about getting high quality work done to their car. The shop also set up for me to be picked up by Enterprise so I can get my rental. When I left North State, I left with a smile. It was definitely worth the drive from The Bronx to Bedford Hills.
    Thank you North State!

  80. Excellent work and faster than expected; after dealing with a body shop that was not able to fix my Tesla car properly, North State Custom came to the rescue!
    Highly Recommended!!!

  81. North State did a fabulous job of repairing my Tesla, with no fuss, wonderful service, and frequent communication. I loved the photos they would send with the status of my car, their concern about anything that would inconvenience me, and how easy they made the entire process. They even sent a driver to my house to pick me up when my car was ready, so that I didn’t have to find someone who could give me a ride! Such lovely, professional, people–while I hope not to need their services often, I would not hesitate to take any of my automotive needs to them. Kudos to Greg and Avi for all their help.

  82. North State did a great work in repairing my Tesla Model S which was hit by a snow plow while parked.

    Fantastic workmanship, great multi coat paint job and color match and exemplary service. Couldn’t ask for more. Would definitely recommend.

  83. North State Custom did a phenomenal job on my Tesla Model S. There were scratches and dents all throughout the back half of the car, and when I picked up the car it looked better than the day I purchased it. They handled the adjustment process with the insurance company without any issues, and were great at keeping me up to date with the insurance and repair process throughout the time they had the car.

    I hope I never have to bring another car to them again, but I would unconditionally recommend North State Custom for anyone looking for a body shop they can trust to navigate through the insurance process and deliver a car as good as new.

  84. After being mangled by an 18-wheeler, North State was able to restore my driver side doors and rear panel to mint condition and the car rides perfectly after a few hundred miles. Highly recommended shop.

  85. Purchased a 1990 Miata today that was painted by you guys over 20 years ago from Silver to British Racing Green and you would not beleive it but the paint work you guys did still looks immaculate minus and obvious scuff here and there that will happen over time.

    • I remember that car very well. It seems like yesterday we painted that I had just started working here full time. I can remember my father giving me all kinds of tedious tasks to do on that car. He was trying to make my quit and go to college. Well it didn’t work and here I am at the helm of the company, LOL!. I am sure with proper upkeep it will last another twenty plus years. I would love to see that car again. Good luck with your new ride, Greg Jr.

  86. North State came recommended to me from BMW of Mt Kisco to repair my BMW 550 that had major damage from an accident. They did an amazing job, it looks and feels like nothing ever happened. In addition to the quality of the work being top notch, they also had outstanding customer service, emailing me pictures several times a week of my car to show me the progress. I would highly recommend North State.

    • Most of the public is extremely unaware of how the insurance industry as a whole operates. Shops like us make it look easy but if most of our customers truly saw how badly their insurers try to steal from them they would be appalled. Everything takes place behind closed doors and the shops that demand to get paid and do things the correct way for their customers are labeled the bad guys. The direct repair shops which are a big part of the problem are helping the insurance companies steal billons every year and are destroying peoples cars. We would love it if there was a way to get this information out to all of the general public. For now we at NSC and the rest of the fine independent shops will continue putting out a superb product and battling daily for our customers so they get what they paid for in their policies and their vehicles returned to pre loss condition. Thank you for taking the time out to look at our information. Gregory Coccaro Jr. Owner of NSC.

  87. Vehicle: TeslaX
    Summary: Perfect !
    NSC has been recommended to me by Tesla center as the shop that does great work and is the official Tesla repair facility. Even though NSC has worked on my Cayenne a few years ago and did a very good job, I was not sure what to expect since Tesla is not an easy car to work on.
    Well, they did a fantastic job on my TeslaX, treated me with the outmost respect, kept me very well informed of the progress, gave me a tour of facilities with explanation of their processess and equipment, introduced me to the people who worked on my car, dealt painlessly for me with my insurance.
    Avi was always available when I had a question or request.
    These guys are fantastic! If needed, I will definetely go there again.

  88. I have a 2015 Tesla S 865D. North State Custom has been my body shop for many years and when I bought my first Tesla I was more than pleased to learn NSC was an authorized Tesla body shop. I can tell you this is more than just a plaque on the wall. These guys are GOOD! They worked seamlessly with my insurance company, had me picked up by the rental car company, kept me updated on the cars progress (which was quite fast considering I had my accident just before Xmas) and when I saw the car it was Brand New. I had front end damage and the car looked, felt and drove like it was brand new.
    Thank you Greg and everyone else at NSC

  89. North State Custom helped fix some minor body damage to my Tesla Model X. Damage was on the rear quarter panel and bumper. They reworked the body panel to remove the dents and repainted to match. Overall, the service was excellent. The customer service dept sent a few email updates with photos as to what was done and the repairs were completed on schedule – no small feat considering Tesla’s issue with delivering replacement parts and it being the holiday season. I hope to never need to come back but I’m happy to recommend them to anyone who needs bodywork done. Like many other North State Custom customers, I am not local to the area (Albany) so the ease of scheduling the work was appreciated.

  90. I recently nicked the side of my new Tesla X on a concrete column in my parking garage. Sadness:( I was concerned that sending it to the nearest approved Tesla repair shop, far from Greenwich, would end up be a logistically challenging and expensive experience. I was relieved when I received an initial quote from NSC that was quite reasonable and one that actually matched the final bill. In addition, the customer-friendly team coordinated the pick-up and drop-off of my car. NSC completed the work on the same day as pick-up and it was in my driveway before I returned from work. I highly recommend NSC, even to those of us residing in the Fairfield County area.

  91. Had my brand new Tesla model X fixed after I was rear ended (about $33k damage). These guys did a very nice job on the car and were a great help with the insurance companies. Highly recommended.

  92. North State Custom is an exceptional place to have your car repaired. I will never go any other place and will only recommend them. They are so professional and keep you informed through the whole process. My car was damaged and I heard from North State Custom almost every single day and they sent pictures every step of the way. I had about 17k worth of damage to my Tesla from a hit and run and it now is flawless! They were even so kind to fix my scratched rims because they didn’t want to give me back a perfect car with a tiny bit of damage. They take so much pride in their work, like nothing I have ever seen! Thank you North State Custom for all your help and making this bad experience of having my car hit, less painful! You are all truly amazing and Greg – you were the most helpful and supportive when dealing with my insurance and everything! Thank you!

  93. I’ll echo the incredible reviews I read about North State before I brought my new Model X Tesla here after an accident with my 6 week old car! Tesla had told me this was the only certified Tesla dealership – which left me a bit nervous – but from my first interactions with the team here – they put me at ease. It’s an incredibly warm group of people who take pride in their work – give you near daily updates with pictures of the progress of your car and make it clear that they know EXACTLY what needs to be done to get your car back better than new. And I do mean better than new. Every Model X seems to come off the line with a couple pieces looser than you’d like – and the amazing thing getting mine back was that the half the vehicle that had been repaired looked newer and tighter put together than undamaged side. Can’t stress enough what a high quality operation this is compared to anything I had been exposed to before with auto repair.

  94. I want to thank everyone at North State Custom involved with fixing, painting and detailing my 2006 Range Rover Sport. I took out the right side by side swiping a guard rail in heavy rain. I thought the car would never be the same again. Avi assured me that I would not be able to tell the difference when I got it back. I was like ya ok sure, but didn’t believe them because of other body shop experiences I have had in the past. I also opted to respray the hood because of rock chips. Well, when I got the car back about a week later I was in shock!!!!! The Quality of the repair and the paint work was like nothing I have ever seen before. It literally looked as if it had just come off the showroom floor Brand New !!!!!!!!! I will always faithfully trust my vehicles to these guys!!! Seriously amazing job!!!!! Thanks again for a great experience that I was so dreading.

  95. These guys are unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Smart, helpful, communicative, and professional. And they do beautiful work to boot. Have dealt with many others for over 20 years and will never go anywhere else. These guys are the Gold Standard.

  96. This was my third experience with NorthState Custom and all were outstanding. They take care of Teslas like no one else, and do an amazing job bringing back the car to its original condition. Communication is outstanding. Thank you Greg Jr and Avi for excellent experiences.

  97. I was referred to NorthState by the Tesla Service Center in Mt. Kisco, NY after my beloved Model S P85 had been brutally attacked by a rouge driver. He had managed to do significant, mostly cosmetic, damage to 3!!! sides of it. Fortunately, his insurance paid the $36K bill to get the car fixed, and I was sure it would never be the same again. But I must say that it came back in like new condition. In addition to the excellent quality of the work, the communication with the North State team was like no other consumer experience I have ever had. Pictures of the deconstruction and reconstruction process were sent almost daily, and other than keeping me in the loop as to the car’s progress, it also showed the exciting design and build techniques that go into a Tesla, and the level of skill brought to bear on the task at NorthState. Hats off to Greg and his superb crew. I will never take any car of mine to another shop (even though NorthState is almost 300 miles from home, and I would never trust the repair of a Tesla to any other shop! Many thanks to NorthState and Tesla for the work and referral!

  98. Superior service and repair. Courteous, prompt and consistent in every way. Made the repair of my car a painless process. Would not hesitate to recommend North State Custom or use them again.

  99. I can’t say enough about how professional they are at North State Body . Excellent website very informative! They took care of many things for us and constantly updated us about the status of our vehicle. They handled it in a timely manner. It was actually done before we expected. The staff there is so helpful and courteous. They made it so easy for us deal with anything needed to be done. I would highly recommend them if you need any work done on your car.

  100. Thank you North State Custom for repairing our 3 week old (yes 3 week old) Model X back to its “new” state. Communication was fantastic (thx Avi) and turn around time was as quick as could have been, dictated by the supply of repair parts for a new vehicle. The car ultimately was in great hands and we appreciate the professionalism all around. While I hope not to have to see a repair shop again, if needed, North State would be first on my list.

  101. I cannot even begin to tell you how outstanding the service, the overall attitude and the quality of workmanship is!! Avi was a pleasure to work with and Gregg was outstanding also. Not only did they repair my Tesla back to it’s beautiful self but they also did an outstanding job on my Infiniti Q70L.

    Finding this kind of workmanship and this level of service is VERY difficult in this day and age. They clearly take pride in what they do and I’m thrilled that Tesla in Mt. Kisco referred me to them. Let’s hope there isn’t a need for more repairs but if there is, NO ONE else will EVER touch my cars again except for these folks!

  102. Thank you for your exceptional service and frequent updates. I’ve never worked with an autobody shop that provided daily updates with progress photos. You guys made an inconvenient experience so much better and I wanted you to know how much I appreciate it.

  103. Had my Tesla repaired at North State. Service was excellent, quality of work A plus. Avi kept me abreast daily with picture updates regarding the progress of my repairs. For sure will be using North State for all future repairs.

  104. North State Auto replaced the header on my Model S after it was dinged by a golf ball. While they were at it, they were able to send the wheels out for touching up, and the whole car looks brand new. Communication was excellent throughout, and they drove me home and delivered the car with no hassles whatsoever. First class experience end to end, thank you North State!

  105. Excellent repair on my 2015 Tesla 90D. Performed timely and with communication at every stage. NSC helped arrange and coordinate pick up and return of the car – and also coordinated and secured insurance coverage for repair cost along with daily updates and pictures as the repairs progressed. A job well done all around. Thank you Greg, Avi, and North State Custom!!

  106. Thank You Greg. Absolutely top notch service from start to finish. My Tesla P85+ drives like a brand new supercar. I am 1,000% satisfied with you and your teams hard work and professional efforts from start to finish. Even my insurance company complimented your detailed analysis and detailed paperwork. I will be bringing you my classic car to you next.

  107. Thank you Greg and Avi along with the rest of North State Custom for returning my 2015 Model S Tesla to its original state. An early April snow storm caused me to loose control and slide into another car causing front end damage. Tesla suggested I contact North State Custom and it was flat bedded to them and Greg had it ripped apart, parts ordered the same day he received it. The adjuster came days later which Greg assisted. I’m over 4+ hours from the shop and Greg sent pictures on a routine basis of the progress he was making and answered any questions I had. Was always pleasant, helpful, informative and worked with my insurance company with great results. I had originally put XPEL, a protective wrap, on my car when I purchased it, and several sections needed to be replaced after the repairs. He made arrangements with a shop close by to do that part of the job and again, Greg has contacts that work as he does, with a sharp eye and cares what the end product looks like. Since I have only had the car since late July 2015, I asked Greg if he would take it to the Tesla Service Center a short distance from him to take care of some minor issues I had since day one and he coordinated that visit as well. Once the repairs, wrap and Tesla Service was complete, it was detailed and Greg made arrangements to have it trailered back up to me 260 mi. Once again, Greg found an excellent carrier that took extreme care in transporting it in an enclosed trailer to protect it from stones and road debris.

    The car looks better than new, feels, runs and drives the same as it did before the accident. This level of service and the positive attitude toward the customer is very hard to find these days as every one is always in such a hurry to move onto the next job. I will go back to North State Custom if something happens again, truly hope it doesn’t, but if it does, I will.

    Thank you so much Greg for making this heart breaking experience with my 8 month old car so much easier to deal with. Sending me back a car that looks awesome.
    You and your crew are the best!

  108. What a great experience even though we were dealing with a heavily rear ended, brand new Model S. Once Tesla told me who to call, I reached Greg. Within 90 minutes of speaking to him, he had one of his guys 30 miles away from the shop taking pictures of my car so they could order the parts prior to me bringing in the vehicle. Once the parts arrived, we dropped the car off and he fixed it a day earlier than planned and dropped it back at my house. Along the way, I got pictures/updates every day.

    If you’ve got a banged up car – this is as good as it gets!

  109. Had to call upon North State Custom again for some minor hood and rear bumper repairs to my Tesla Model S again this year. Greg’s proactive followup is simply amazing! Daily email updates incredibly fast responses to email make the process so smooth. Of course, the car looked amazing when I picked it up… Don’t hesitate for a second to bring your car to North State Custom for the best repairs and service you can get!

  110. North State Custom did a completely beautiful job repairing my 2015 Tesla. The staff was friendly and communicative. They accommodated my schedule perfectly and they delivered exactly as promised. Though I hope to never see them again, I would not hesitate to use them if needed. I give them my highest recommendation.

  111. You want a perfectionist for your car shop. North State Custom is the best. They are professional, and very easy to deal with! I would recommend them to anyone!

  112. Frank,

    Again, I want to thank you so much for having my door repaired on my
    Lexus. This was my first experience in dealing directly with a body repair
    shop and, needless to say, a very pleasant one. North State Custom will be
    first on my list for any future serious repairs on both of my Lexus cars.
    And further more, I will recommend you to anyone who asks for a reliable
    and honest body repair shop.

    Best regards

  113. My Tesla S went to North State after a fender-bender. It came back good as new. Along the way, Greg went to astonishing lengths to keep me informed, to help manage the insurance process, even sharing photos of the work as it proceeded. I’m a delighted customer.

  114. Subject: Accolades

    Frank ,
    We’ve been working together now for about fifteen years , taking
    care of my automobiles. Your work is absolutely and consistently superb.
    I’m running out of superlatives with which to describe your work. So this
    time I guess I’ll go with


    As much as I know exactly where the work was done on my car I absolutely
    cannot find any trace or sign that there was ever a problem , scratch or
    Many thanks , again,
    most sincerely,

  115. I had a fender bender in my Tesla Model S and North State was recommended to me by the Tesla service dealers. Greg Coccaro was my contact who made the process easy and painless. North State did an AMAZING job of sourcing the parts i needed, getting bumpers painted (while waiting for parts) and got the car back to me in FACTORY/NEW condition within a week—delivered to my house on time and on budget. Greg managed the process and I have been very impressed. I strongly recommend them!!

  116. North State Custom just completed repair and body work on my Tesla P85D after a low speed but unfortunately critically targeted collision. It required extensive work including replacing the front motor, axles, suspension, etc. and a full paint job. The work was meticulous with a keen eye to perfection and all of it is backed with a lifetime warranty! The car literally looks brand new and drives perfectly.

    As impressive as the work was, the customer service was truly outstanding. I was blown away by the level of communication and just the overall sense of pride in the work and in treating the customer like a king. Greg kept me up dated by email (with pictures!) every couple of days with extensive detail on their findings, the status of parts that needed to be ordered from Fremont, the diagnostic testing and timing. He also handled the insurance work seamless requiring literally no effort on my part. Things dragged on as parts to a while to arrive but he still made sure I understood where things stood and apologized for factors that were not under his control.

    I really can’t say enough about Greg and his team. Not only have I never experienced such a high level of customer service, I did not even think it could exist!!

  117. Me and my buddies have been customers of North State Custom for many years. Any issues related to our cars, we send it right into North State. North State Custom has and always will be our #1 choice as their service has been nothing short of fantastic. It shows that the amount of time and dedication they put into their work is evident of the finished product. Every time we bring in our cars for repairs and maintenance, it comes right back to us a brand new product; simply impressive! I would like to extend my warmest regards to Avi, who is an employee of North State. He has been extremely professional and proficient in his work, and should be considered a great addition to the North State family. Thanks for the great work folks, and I look forward to being back again!

  118. North State Custom performed a major repair on my Tesla Model S P85D and the entire process could not have been smoother. Greg Coccaro communicated with me regularly, sending pictures of each step. The office handled all communication with my difficult insurer to save me the trouble. The body work was impeccable and they demonstrated great knowledge of the Tesla technology. They even came to my office to pick up the car for some fine tuning and dropped it off before I left work for home.
    All things considered, I had a great experience and will definitely use North State again!

  119. I am an owner of a Tesla Model S and was so pleased with how professional Greg Coccaro Jr. was. He went so far as to show me around the shop, which he is extremely proud of, including the paint area. In over 50 years of driving and having to deal with Body Shops this one is by far the most impressive. Now the most important part for me which was how did they fix my car. Well in that regard it was the finest work I’ve ever had on one of my cars. I didn’t have to call to tell Greg that they missed an area or it has chipped paint. No none of those problems exist with North State Custom. All I can say is this is the place to bring your car for they take care of it just like it was their own. You can even look at all the people that work there and see how they are happy and smiling indicating that they like their jobs and take pride in their work. I am sure you will be as happy as I was weather you have an expensive car or an inexpensive car because it is your property and as myself all we want is a company that cares and that is North State Custom to a tee.

  120. Terrific repair service. The work was done quickly and efficiently. All I had to do was drop off and pick up, and my car looked like brand new. Most importantly everyone I dealt with was courteous, friendly and helpful.

  121. I can’t say enough good things about the professionalism and quality work I’ve received over the years at North State. They understand how some folks feel about their cars, and have never failed to make an unpleasant situation as painless as possible. And I’ve always been astounded at the impeccable vehicle returned to me — often sooner than expected. Thank you.

  122. First of all thanks to Frank and staff for making this experience a pleasure! I’m a fanatic when it comes to my cars very hard to find right body shop that can be trusted to do the work up to my standards. Critical about every detail is my middle name to satisfy that level of excellence takes a special group of people. Happy to say North State Custom meet my high standards. My 2016 Mercedes AMG GTS with 300 miles was restored in all respects as new. Want the “best” easy go to North State.

  123. Greg and his team repaired my Tesla Model S on two separate occasions. I had nothing but a great experience with both repairs. Greg communicated with me every step of the way to keep me updated on the status and timeline of the repairs and providing the necessary paperwork to the insurance company in a timely manner. Thank you for your excellent service!!

  124. our family history appears that whenever we had any accident, we started going to north state. All of our experience hasn’t proven us wrong. The work has been perfect all the time and has stayed that way.

  125. I just wanted to thank Greg and the team for their unparalleled level of service and fairness. I’ve had a couple of small repairs for my Tesla and in each situation North State has given me all the options for solving the problem including just touching up the area at no charge. Because they have done the right thing by me, I will be a customer for life.

    Bruce Wolfe

  126. Been a customer for many years. Service and repair work is excellent. I have consistently recommended to anyone that asks where to go for body work.

  127. Thank you Greg and North State Custom!
    I’ve been a client of North State Custom going back many years but I recently had the pleasure of meeting Greg Jr. when my wheelchair-assisted van was in need of emergency repair. Greg and his crew repaired my van quickly and professionally and what could have been a very difficult and traumatic situation was made painless. Greg came to my aid with unparalleled kindness and generosity during a most difficult time. Thank you Greg, this is one I will pay forward!

  128. awesome work on my BMW M hands down the best shop around you want the best bring it to the best North State custom.number one…

  129. This is my second time using North State Custom. They are excellent! Efficient and practical. And they do great work. They are very easy to deal with and communication well.

    • Thank you very much Helaine for your kind words, please join us on Facebook(North State Custom & Autobahn Service and Sport), also on Twitter @ (NorthStateCus), and Instagram (#NorthStateAutobahn).

  130. I have only the highest praise for the quality of work performed by Northstate. Frank answers all your questions and is very helpful from initial appraisal and anytime contacted after car returned . Everyone at Northstate that I have spoken to should also be commended.
    You can be assured that your vehicle will be returned in condition as day you purchased it. Anyone I know that has used Northstate have only good experiences

  131. After having the left front corner of my 3 month old Tesla Model S crumbled by a driver making an unsafe lane change, I was devastated, fearing it would never be the same again. I called the Tesla Service Center and they referred me to North State. I drove straight there and was met by Greg Jr. who assured me he would fix the car better than new. He ordered the parts straight away — as he said having them shipped to him would be the longest part of the process — before there was even an insurance claim number. Daily updates and photos were emailed to me. The car was delivered days early and, as promised, better than new! It was beautiful. In a time where there aren’t too many service providers that treat the customer with courtesy and respect, Greg Jr. and North State are one of the last remaining few. To say that I’m a happy customer would be an understatement. If I ever need repairs to my Tesla again, I’ll be taking it North State with my full trust and confidence. Thanks Greg!

  132. I brought my Mercedes Benz to North State Custom at the recommendation of my dealership. The staff is extremely courteous. Greg helped me with everything from issues with my insurance company to getting my car back to me before I left for vacation.

    As far as the repair of my vehicle, it was perfect! My car looked like it did the day I drove it our of the showroom! I would definitely recommend North State Custom to anyone who needs to have body work performed.

  133. I don’t post many online reviews, but North State deserves one. They recently repaired my Tesla Model S which sustained major front end damage from a valet parking service (warning there!!). Greg Jr and the North State team were incredibly communicative, with nearly daily emails and photos of the repair progress, and extremely helpful in working with the difficult third party insurer. The repair, which included major parts, electronics and triple coat paint, is impeccable. The car is like new, with North State to thank!!

  134. I had a very good experience at North State Custom. Greg was so accommodating and I had my BMW repaired in record time. I went in last Friday, dropped the car Sunday and had it back Wednesday. The work was excellent and I would recommend North State Custom to anybody I know. Thank you.

  135. Finding an auto repair shop that can be trusted to deliver results that are like new and endure the test of time can be difficult. As customer of nearly a decade ago, I can attest to the exceptional quality of work performed by North State Custom on my Mercedes. Furthermore, as a testament to my satisfaction, I recently returned to North State for additional work. I was delighted to find consistent results, as North State once again treated my vehicle with tremendous care and professionalism. It is clear that they take great pride in their work. I would highly recommend them.

  136. I have just returned home from abroad to a dent free Tesla Model S…while I was away I received daily emails from Greg updating me on the progress…thanks for the great work!

  137. After an unfortunate run-in between our metal mailbox and the side of our Tesla Model S, we were not confident that dents and grooves in the side panels could be removed without a complete replacement of two panels. Tesla referred us to Northstate Custom because they trusted their professionalism and their skill. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome – and because of Greg Jr, the process was enlightening and incredibly satisfying. Greg Jr provided daily updates via email (including some fantastic pictures), and he was always available by phone when additional support was needed. All insurance company needs were managed by Greg Jr, and his responsiveness moved the process along painlessly. Greg Jr also handled the arrangements for the car to be towed back and forth to our home (2.5 hours each way).
    Northstate Custom is a high quality business that deserves the highest of ratings!

  138. North State did a great job of getting my Tesla repaired and back to me as soon as they could. There were issues with parts getting delivered from the manufacturer, but Greg kept me updated every day, and worked out clever ways to get me out sooner than most shops would. And of course the job was done very well.

  139. Unfortunately, once a year one of our cars suffers some body damage. This year my Audi also had interior leather damage. We trust Northstate. When we get our repaired cars back, the body work is so well done that we have no idea where the damage was. They are meticulous and very accommodating.

  140. What an outstanding, professional and courteous body shop!

    I’ve had my Tesla Model S repaired there twice now and their work is outstanding. Greg Jr. is very responsive when I send emails and they are able to answer almost any question.

    If you want excellent quality work done to your car with outstanding customer support – look no further!

  141. I have had a number of major repairs to various cars over the years. All have been good experiences. However, I am compelled to write a review because my experience with North State Custom, in particular, with Greg, has been truly remarkable. I have never had such up to date information regarding costs, estimates, time required, and photos of progress as I did with this repair. Greg was always concerned about my time and any inconvenience that arose, always making it easier for me. Tesla recommended them and I know why. Hopefully I do not need them again, but if the need arises, I will certainly use North State Custom !

  142. I could not be more pleased. They did my job for less than the estimate and touched up things I didn’t ask them to do and that they did not charge me for. Good honest people in my experience.

  143. When my brand new Tesla S was damaged in a car accident, breaking my heart as well, the dealer recommended North State Custom. With no previous experience with them, Greg reassured me of his history repairing Teslas. He sent photos of the car while it was being repaired, kept me apprised of the progress, and finished the repair days earlier than his estimate. To my great delight, the car is back to its brand new condition–and the entire experience was trouble free, easy, and very pleasant. I certainly will use North State Custom again when I need them!

  144. Recommended by the manufacturer (Tesla), North State Custom did a fantastic job restoring a Signature Model S that had been hit by another driver. Car looked incredible (2 year old car w 30K miles) – as good as it looked when new. Very professional organization that was a pleasure to deal with – and did a great job getting the insurance company to appropriately cover the required costs to fix it correctly. Highly recommend North State Custom to anyone who wants their car fixed right.

  145. I have been going to North State Custom , formally known as North State Autobahn , for almost twenty years now. They have done numerous jobs for me in the form of body-work , mostly re-constructive and cosmetic. No matter how high my expectations have become with North State they still manage to exceed my expectations. Most recently I brought my one month old Mercedes in to repair a rather deep , and un-fortunate , scratch in a very visible area. As I told Mr. Frank Masella , my personal contact at North State , I am running out of superlatives for use in my discussions about my experiences there. This time I must go with ASTONISHING ! I give North State Custom my highest recommendation , and without hesitation , to anyone who truly values the highest and most professional workmanship in cars they purchase and wish to maintain.

  146. A friend highly recommended North State and Greg Jr to us and we were not disappointed. I too highly recommend North State and Greg Jr Working with Greg Jr was a pleasure. Our car was a “victim” of a hit-and-run but fortunately a witness gave us the other car’s license plate information and we were able to file a claim with the other insurance company. Greg Jr made it seamless working with that insurance company and with Enterprise for a rental car for us. He is an expert in this situation and was very helpful. Equally important, the quality of the repair work on our car was excellent. Our car was returned to us looking new (it’s 3 years old) and in the time frame originally promised. Thank you, Greg Jr & North State Custom!!!

  147. The guys from North State were great! I own a 2013 Tesla Model S and was extremely concerned that the car would never be the same after my front end accident. From the moment I brought my car in, Greg made me feel comfortable. He walked me through the entire process and showed my how my car would be handled and said in the end it would be as good as new. He was absolutely correct. The car is great! I was kept up to date with pictures during the entire repair process. I have only the highest praise for Greg (Senior and Junior) and the entire North State Team.

  148. Greg,
    Thanks so much I appreciate not only your fairness but also your sense of humor. What you do is an art and a craft with some engineering thrown in for good measure – I know it is not easy and has to be done with great care. Your and your team are masterful.
    How do I know that? I have had two superb experiences with North State Custom recently. I crunched my beloved Tesla S and wanted it returned to perfection: done! I scratched my workhorse Lexus RX 450 and wanted it cleaned up and looking good but also to keep the price reasonable: done!

  149. When I was looking for a state-of-the-art repair facility for my Tesla S after an accident last year, I checked with Tesla and they recommended North State Custom in Bedford Hills for body work. Greg, the owner was a pleasure to work with and he stayed on top of the entire process from beginning to end. He showed me the workshop with the special base for aluminum work which gave me complete confidence.
    After repair completion the car looked as good as the day that I bought it and it drives like nothing ever happened. I can highly recommend North State Custom as they have the facility, skills, tools and know-how to execute repairs to factory standards aside from being highly professional, personable and attentive.

  150. I was 20 miles south of SUNY Albany, when a buck blindsided the front of my 2008 red Audi A4 Avant on the Taconic State Parkway. I had to car towed to some near by shop due to the time being near midnight. The very next morning I called Frank from North State Custom and he immediately sent out a tow to retrieve my Audi and have it towed back to North State Customs. I have zero complaints, the car looks outstanding. Frank also genuinely informed me that my insurance company wanted some aftermarket parts installed on my car, compared to OEM (genuine parts). He automatically informed me that he wasn’t going to cheap out and told the insurance adjuster that he is going to order all Audi OEM parts. The extensive twelve grand repair was quickly finished in just three weeks! Gleaming, bold, and shining, the car was parked outside the shop fully detailed and looking astonishing better than brand new. I couldn’t believe the quality of work North State Custom’s provides. The car looked so good, I had to take a dozen photos from my phone! Frank even got my car done the day of my birthday! I seriously recommend North State Custom to anyone who is in need of high quality certified German automobile repair shop that is reputable and honest.
    Thank you very much Frank!

  151. … my 2002 CLK 430 with only 39,000 miles was damaged recently, and needed a new front spoiler and cosmetic repairs. Estate Motors, where I bought the car 12 years ago, recommended only one place, North State Custom. Having other make & model cars in the household go through other auto body shops, I know some of the pitfalls and risks of not going to a reputable, auto body shop, regardless of what my insurance carrier was advising me to do. I decided to walk into Greg’s place without an appointment and it certainly helped to see they are certified by MB USA.

    After picking up the car recently, the level of service was excellent start to finish. The follow-up and contact with Kitty, Frank and Greg in the front office was seamless. I got to inspect the car in the garage and I was surprised to see this work area was extremely organized, clean and friendly. The customer washroom was really clean too. They performed some extra touch up work that I agreed to pay for up-front, but I was not charged for after all.

    So I can easily say my experience was excellent, and I need to mention that Greg & Frank’s advice to speak with them “first”, before speaking with my insurance carrier ‘s adjustor, was pivotal in getting this vehicle repaired promptly and smoothly without costing me more than my deductible.

  152. I recently was involved in an accident involving black ice. My 2004 Mercedes E 320, my favorite car of all time, was totalled. But it was quite a journey to get the insuramce company to acknowledge that suich was the case. Enter Greg Cacarro and the North State staff. After my car was damaged I had it towed to North State, the body shop that my family has been using for years. In fact, my father had his 1954 Austin Healy 1006 painted and restored at North State in 1970. So, my insurance company inpected my mercedes and said it could be fixed for a few thousand dollars. I ran this by Greg, who intinctively knew this esimate was wrong based on the damage to the car he had observed. Greg called the insurance company and straightened everything ut so that in the end I got the correct amount for my insurance claim. This is an example of how North State went above and beyond to assist its customers. I highly recommend them.

  153. North State’s customer service, professionalism, and care for my car were top-notch. Most importantly, the work was excellent and quick. Thank you! Hopefully I won’t be back, but if needed, I will, without hesitation, use North State again.

  154. A deer decided to run out in front of my car in Wilton, CT in July, 2013 while I was on my way to work. Here I am 25 miles from home and unable to drive my car.

    As I stood surveying the damage and wondering how I was going to get to work, rent a car, etc. – – there was one thing I was relieved I did not have to wonder about – – where to have the AAA tow truck deliver my car. I knew immediately that I was sending the car to North State Custom in Bedford Hills, NY.

    Having used North State in 2007 – I knew that I could count on Greg and his staff to take care of all the details with the insurance company and repair the car to it’s original condition. With North State there is never a doubt that YOU are the Customer!

    If you ever have to make this kind of decision – don’t hesitate – call North State!!

  155. North State came highly recommended because it enjoys a reputation for outstanding service and superior workmanship. Upon arrival at NS we were promptly attended to by a gracious receptionist. Within minutes, the sales manager, Frank Masella outlined what repair was needed and what NS would do. Frank is a true professional–courteous, competent, experienced and knowledgeable. A time line was established. When the repairs were completed our car was returned in mint condition. Our expectations were pleasantly exceeded and realized that NS reputation is beyond 5 star…

  156. Super Quality and nice to deal with. They deal with the Insurance Companies and get the job done right without any hastles for the customer. I have used North State several times over the past decade and it has always been a great experince with my vehicle ending up looking brand new after the work. I would highly recomend their work.

  157. After a fender bender, North State Custom was particularly responsive to our needs, rapidly and professionally repairing our car to “better than new” in what we consider record time. In particular, Greg Jr. was committed to keeping us informed and satisfied with progress along the way. We can honestly say that this was the best repair service we have ever received, and would heartily recommend North State Custom to anyone faced with a similar situation. Thanks to Greg and all the staff at NCS.

  158. Immediately when I called Northstate Custom to have them repair our Acura RDX I knew we were in good hands. They assisted me to arrange the estimate from our insurance company and the rest was easy. When we dropped off the vehicle for repair, they already had Enterprise rent a car on their way to pick me up. A few days later, I received a call from the Northstate team, my vehicle was ready for delivery. The repair that Northstate completed was on the left drivers side door which looked perfect & the interior of car looked better than it did when I dropped it off as they took the time to detail as well. Northstate is professional, courteous, timely and I would highly recommend their services.

  159. Frank did a truly workman-like job of de,ing with the rental car agency and the insurancxe company. Needless to say, the work was done perfectly and quickly. The back of my 2012 Audi convertible, where I was hit, looks brand new.

  160. Frank, just want to thank you for doing such nice work fixing the roof of my BMW and handling the scratches on the hood, all at a fair price. The whole service experience was top notch – from the reception desk to the polishing for delivery. I’ll be back to North State in the future and will try to refer others to your store as well.

  161. Thank you Frank and everyone at North State.

    Your work on my VW was outstanding. This was my first auto repair (front end collision) in over 25 years which created a very stressful experience in dealing with the problem. You walked me through the process and left me feeling the job would be done on time and without
    any hassles – which it was! Much appreciated, if I ever need auto repairs in the future North State will be the one.

  162. My son-in-law insisted that we use North State Custom for a repair following a fender bender accident. We live in CT, but I have admit that he was right and it was worth the trip. Greg and staff handled all the details flawlessly and best of all the EOS looks brand new. I would recommend the shop to anyone needing expert repairs.

  163. Once I took my car to North State I had no desire to go anywhere else. I have repeatedly had a wonderful experience, Frank Masella is very professional and all repairs are done in a timely manner, workmanship is top notch. I highly recommend North State and its staff.

  164. It was a pleasure dealing with Frank and the entire staff at Northstate. The repairs were done perfectly and on time.

  165. I want to extend a sincere thank you to Greg and the staff at North State Custom for the impeccable repair on my 2013 BMW X1. From beginning to end, the level of service and attention to detail were impeccable. You turned a stressful situation – someone crashing into my new car! – into an excellent customer service experience.

    I came to know of North State from the outstanding reviews on various BMW forums; you did not disappoint. I highly recommend North State to anyone seeking a top-quality auto body repair shop.

  166. I would only trust my ’03 Corvette to one shop. A refreshingly pleasureful experience and an immaculate repair.

  167. It’s not often you work with a car repair company who delivers on their promises, but North State did! Not only were the repairs done early, but the car looked better than before my accident. Their staff was great and communicated with both me and my insurance company making the entire repair experience stress free. I’d definitely go back to them with repairs on body repairs or simple mechanical items for both my VWs.

  168. My brand new Mini was broadsided in a parking lot and I received estimates from a number of body shops before deciding on North State. Am I glad I made that choice. From start to finish—knowing exactly what needed to be repaired, working with the insurance company for a settlement, executing the work, arranging for a rental car, delivering the car in showroom condition inside and out–everything they did was of a very high quality and professional. North State is an exceptionally well run company from every vantage point and although I hope not to need there services again, I would highly recommend them without any reservations.

  169. Great service: friendly, prompt, and communicative staff kept me informed every step of the way. Highly recommend this shop for all your repair needs.

  170. My repair was handled in a professional, timely fashion. The work was of excellent quality. All communications with my insurer were handled by NSC and I was free of any paperwork and calls. What they said is what they did. I would recommend them to a friend.

  171. I brought my 2005 Corolla in to be repaired and it came out not only a day earlier than promised but in showroom condition! I was beyond impressed with the work that was put into my car to replace, install, and custom paint my fender. I drove away with a cleaned car inside and out. Thank you North State Custom for the “bang up job” you did on my banged up car!

  172. Frank did an outstanding job I don’t know if he’s an owner or what but he’s definitly an asset to North State Custom.. Job was completed ahead of schedule and was done beyond my expectations…
    Anybody ask’s, will send them to you and to ask for Frank.. Great doing business with you. Hopefully ” I ” won’t have to see you again..

  173. I drove 60 miles roundtrip to have North State repair my VW and Saab and I am sure glad I did. The quality of their work is out of this world! And they did a super job dealing with the insurance companies and keeping me informed. I have NO doubt that Greg Sr got me a better deal from my insurance company than other shops could have. There is an old saying “You get what you pay for!”. Well at North State Custom you get more than you pay for!

  174. What a wonderful experience. Great customer service, excellent work product, complete dedication to their craft and customers, and most importantly, honesty and integrity. I hope I never need my car fixed a again, but if I do I’m giving Greg a call.


  175. The workmanship and paint job done on our 2011 Mercedes E-350 was absolutely flawless. The job was done in a timely manner with all the insurance adjuster issues addressed by North State Custom. The most impressive part of the job was the paint blending and door/quarterpanel repair. The vehicle was mint before the accident. It had only 14,000 miles on it . North State Custom made our vehicle look factory new . THANK YOU, Frank and North State Custom!

  176. Thank you, Greg and everyone at North State.

    Your work on my VW and your overall professionalism and customer care were outstanding. I found you through a simple Google search and was impressed not only by the number of reviews your received, but their high quality and praise. I can only hope that this brief comment steers someone else your way. I certainly will be back.

  177. Thanks for a super top-notch job on my 2010 Mini-Cooper. He’s like new!
    Ive had nothing but the best experience with your shop over the years.

  178. I want to Thank the folks at North State Custom for all the help and quality work they performed on my 2010 Mercedes Benz. When my MB was hit in a parking lot I wasn’t sure who to take it to for repair work. Luckily I contacted my local MB dealer who quickly referred me to North State Custom. From my first call to the repair completion I was impressed with the whole Staff and the quality of their work. Working with Greg and Joe I was assured that the job would be done right and they would work directly with the Insurance company of the person who hit me. They came through on every level with flying colors! They even setup the rental car RSVP for me. I picked up the car yesterday and needless to say it was restored to showroom condition. When dealing with an accident situation the staff at North State Custom will help take the sting away and put a smile back on your face. I highly recommend North State Custom! Thanks again North State!

  179. As always, the service you provided was excellent. In the past you repaired my Mercedes, then my BMW and now my Audi and Infinity. You continue to provide excellent work and to soften the horrible experiences with the insurance companies that continue to claim that we can repair our vehicles anywhere, yet make it very difficult for the insured to do so. Thank you for continuing to be an honorable and high quality shop, Northstate.

  180. I was both extremely happy and completely satisfied with the work performed on my Mercedes by North State Custom. The quality of the work was exceptional and the service I received was excellent. North State went to bat for me with my insurance company to ensure that all of the work needed was approved and then performed flawlessly. I would highly recommend North State Custom to anyone whose automobile was involved in an accident, especially if it is a luxury automobile.

  181. Thank you, Greg, for your help with my G35S. You really opened my eyes to the way the insurance companies will steer a consumer to a shop that performs sub-par repairs. Your insight has potentially saved my family from a deadly situation.

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