Aluminum Auto Body Repairs

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Aluminum Auto Body Repairs

North State’s newly refinished Aluminum Shop!


TeslaRepairTesla Model S Quarter
panel replacement
bmw5BMW 5 Series refinishing of
installed front structural panel

The use of aluminum in vehicle manufacturing is becoming more prevalent in the luxury car market. The use of aluminum allows car companies to keep the weight of their vehicle down. This enhances performance and fuel economy without compromising strength and durability in the vehicles body structure.

The way these vehicles are manufactured is very different from the methods used in steel bodies. Because of this, repair methods also, are very different.

North State is designated as a Certified Aluminum Structural Repair Facility for the Mercedes-Benz CL Class and we have also completed training and have all the equipment specified by BMW to repair its Aluminum Structured Vehicles.

North State Custom is one of a very select group of repair facilities with the most aluminum repair experience in the industry. Because of this along with our reputation for quality repairs and customer service, Tesla Motors has sought us out and invited us to be part of it’s aluminum certification program.

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