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North State is available for estimates from 8 am to 6 pm, Monday through Friday. No appointment is necessary.

North State Custom thinks of the vehicle owner as its customer not the insurance company.  Our goal is to give you the best auto repair possible.  We will work hard to explain to your insurer the best methods to repair your vehicle back to its pre-accident condition in appearance and function.  We are not on any Insurance Company referral or Direct Repair Programs.  Auto Body Repair shops on insurance company programs are beholding to the insurance company.  This compromises their ability to look out for your best interest.


North State’s Tips for a Winter Ready Car:

  • If you’re due for a tune-up, have it done before winter sets in. Winter magnifies existing problems such as pings, hard starts, sluggish performance or rough idling.
  • Have the battery and charging system checked for optimum performance. Cold weather is hard on batteries.
  • Clean, flush and put new antifreeze in the cooling system. As a general rule of thumb, this should be done every two years.
  • Make sure heatersdefrosters and wipers work properly. Consider winter wiper blades and use cold weather washer fluid. As a general rule, wiper blades should be replaced every six months.
  • Check the tire tread depth and tire pressure. If snow and ice are a problem in your area, consider special tires designed to grip slick roads. During winter, tire pressure should be checked weekly.
  • Have the brakes checked. The braking system is the vehicle’s most important safety item.
  • Have the exhaust system checked for carbon monoxide leaks, which can be especially dangerous during cold weather driving when windows are closed.
  • Check to see that exterior and interior lights work and headlights are properly aimed.
  • Be diligent about changing the oil and filter at recommended intervals. Dirty oil can spell trouble in winter. Consider changing to “winter weight” oil if you live in a cold climate. Have your technician check the fuel, air and transmission filters at the same time

Here are some educational links and videos to help you learn more about collsion repairs:



At North State Custom your best interest and producing the absolute best collision repair for you is our number ONE priority.


  • You have the right to have your automobile repaired in the registered shop of your choice. You’re insurance company cannot direct you otherwise.
  • You are not required to have your automobile repaired or appraised in a shop recommended by the insurance company.
  • You are not required to get one or more estimates.
  • You are not required to take your car to an insurance company’s drive-in claim service
  • Your insurance company must negotiate in good faith. You are entitled to a prompt, fair settlement to repair your car to its pre-accident condition.
  • Your insurance company has six days after proper notification to inspect your car. If additional damage is found after dismantling, the insurance company has two business days to re-inspect after proper notification.
  • You may legally appoint your repair shop to act as your “Designated Representative,” to protect your interest and negotiate a fair claim settlement with your insurance company.
  • The New York State Insurance Department licenses all insurance company personnel including damage appraisers, supervisors, agents and brokers
  • The insurance company may not issue a check or draft in payment of a claim, implying acceptance of such as final or binding.
  • If your automobile is a total loss (cost of repairs exceed the actual cash value of the automobile), payment is calculated by averaging Red Book and NADA values or the use of a computerized data base, plus NYS Sales Tax. You are entitled to an evaluation work sheet and, you have a 30 day Right of Recourse to question the insurance company’s settlement offer.
  • If the damages to your car are over $1,000.00, you must fill out a D.M.V. form 104.

Remember This – You don’t drive an average car, so don’t be directed to an average Insurance Referral Body Shop. You have the right by N.Y.S. Law to have your European luxury car repaired at a qualified auto body repair facility.

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